Tata Safari

From ₹1,497,000
Ex-Showroom Price New Delhi
Body SUV
Mileage 9-15.7 kmpl
Fuel type Diesel
Engine 1956 cc
Transmission Automatic, Manual
Fueling System Fuel Injection
Drive FWD
Exterior Color Black Gold, Daytona Grey, Grassland Beige, Oberon Black, Orcus White, Royale Blue, Tropical Mist, Tropical Mist Adventure, White Gold
Interior Color Black and Beige, Black and White, Black Marble Gold, Carbon Black, Oyster White, White Marble Gold

Safari XE

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 17.93 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XM

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 19.89 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XE

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 17.93 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XM

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 19.89 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XMA

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 21.56 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XT

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 21.62 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XT Plus

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 22.43 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XT Plus Dark Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 22.99 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 23.57 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XTA Plus

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.11 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.25 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XTA Plus Dark Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.34 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus Kaziranga Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.55 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus Adventure

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.57 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus 6S Kaziranga Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.63 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus 6S Adventure New

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.65 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus 6S

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 24.73 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZA

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.07 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus Dark Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.21 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus 6S Dark Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.27 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus 6S

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.73 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus Adventure

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.81 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus Kaziranga Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.83 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.92 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus 6S Adventure

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.98 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus 6S Kaziranga Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 25.99 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus Gold

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 26.04 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZ Plus Gold 6S

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 26.11 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Manual Mileage: 16.8 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus Dark Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 26.67 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus 6S Dark Edition

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 26.81 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus Gold

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 27.81 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Safari XZA Plus Gold 6S

On Road Price (Delhi): ₹ 27.83 Lakh Specs: 1956 cc, Diesel, Automatic (Torque Converter) Mileage: 14.5 kmpl

Tata Safari

Body Design
Interior Design
Performance Rating
Safety and Comfort
Ride Quality

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Interest rate (%)
Period (month)
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Monthly Payment
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People who are aware of the name Tata Safari, now hold a different silhouette of this phenomenal beast in their eyes. Tata Safari has always remained to be the mightiest rivalry of its segment in terms of its design language, overall luxury appeal, and comfort. However, in this modern era of rapid technological advancements in the automobile sector where competition is getting highly tough for the car manufacturers. Tata has announced the revival of its most capable flagship SUV, Tata Safari in a modern avatar. Even the new tata safari 2022 mileage figures and handling dynamics are far much better than the previous generation Tata Safari Storme, all thanks to Jaguar-inspired aerodynamics. The SUV feels very confident at high speeds or corners due to those bold and streamlined aerodynamics, which efficiently avoids the vehicle from body roll and trembling to an extent. Now if we talk about the new tata safari images from the front, one might get mistaken between the Safari and Tata Harrier. But once you’ll notice it closely, you can easily differentiate it from the Harrier. As the new tata safari 2022 colors are way different from the ones offered on the Harrier. Apart From that, the front facia carries a delightful presence of added chrome touches which can be noticed further in the entire design language. The front grille of the safari comes finished in a brushed silver theme with Tata’s new tri-arrow motifs that are highlighted in chrome. Coming to the split-headlamps provides a great stance of luxury with chrome underpinnings. Overall you’ll notice the same front that you see on the Harrier except the new chrome treatment.

Walking towards its side profile is where one can notice apparent changes made to the all-new Tata Safari 2022. However, the bold design and hefty haunches of the new Safari remain largely the same as that of its sibling Tata Harrier till the C-pillar. Also, the wheelbase, as well as the width of the car, remains to be the same as the Harrier. Although, the new-gen tata safari gets larger 18-inch alloy wheels, which carry over the same diamond-cut design as seen on the Harrier’s 17-inch ones. The new Tata Safari 2022 sports a higher roofline as the sloping roofline of the Harrier has now been replaced by a stepped roof with engraved Safari name on the chrome-lined roof rails to make it sort of identical to its predecessors. As we are very much aware of the fact that the new-generation Safari is based on the 5-seat Harrier. Mr. Pratap Bose, Head of Design at Tata Motors, respectfully deserves a standing ovation for beautifully incorporating the third-row of passenger seats into the Safari with the 60mm longer rear overhang and full-size rear quarter glass. The roof rails are fully functional on the non-panoramic sunroof variants of the Safari which can further be equipped with carriers while holding a weight capacity of 130kgs. However, the panoramic sunroof-equipped variants are forged with a rising roof panel to incorporate the glass. Due to which the panoramic sunroof variants of the Safari just get a set of non-functional roof rails for the stepped effect.

The rear end of the vehicle showcases a more upright tailgate. As the silver lines drop down into rear quarter glass from the roof rails, it reduces the heft around the thick D-pillar. Which makes the Safari look spectacular from the rear profile. The part-LED taillamps are placed phenomenally at the rear, connected by a widened gloss-black panel. Unfortunately, The taillamps of the Safari look identical to the Harrier but aren’t actually. The auxiliary fog lamps placement looks impressive as well while the rear bumper comes finished in black and silver treatment. Disappointingly, the new Tata Safari offers dual exhaust tips, but none of them are functional as the exhaust of the vehicle is placed right under the rear bumper.

Tata has also introduced a blacked-out chrome variant of the new-gen Safari just like the Harrier’s Dark Edition, named as Tata Safari adventure persona. This variant has nothing to do with more features or a more powerful engine. Things which make a difference are all cosmetic. The difference between the Tata Safari adventure persona and normal Safari is the fully blacked-out chrome and silver treatment which we get to see on the other variants of the safari. Overall, the new tata safari images have a much better design than that of the Harrier, which looks commanding on road.

The new-generation Tata Safari 2022 interior images aren’t something new to see, as there are not any significant changes made to the Harrier’s cabin except the new off-white interior theme and the addition of third-row passenger seats. However, things inside the new Tata Safari have improved to an extent than the Harrier. The dashboard design as well as the entire cabin, reflects Jaguar Land Rover’s DNA, as the new Safari SUV itself is derived from the Jaguar Land Rover’s OMEGArc monocoque platform just like the Harrier. If we go by the metrics, Safari’s built quality looks tough both from the inside as well outside. The overall fit and finish inside the cabin feel a step forward from the Harrier, the high-quality materials used are quite soft to touch as well. The panel fittings and upholstery stitches have also been improved to a great extent, which was a huge disappointment on the Harrier. However, some ergonomic issues still persist inside the cabin including the small as well as nonadjustable front row armrest and the uneven placement of the dashboard’s center console which is a compromise to the comfort of driver and co-passenger knees and arms while driving such a big SUV.

New Tata Safari 2022 colors on the inside offer delightful cabin appeal, and its Oyster White interior theme which comes with the top-spec Safari, brings in an irresistible airy charm to its interiors. Although, it gets quite typical to maintain the charm of the cabin as the light-themed leatherette upholstery isn’t the easiest to keep clean in the Indian climate conditions. The dashboard looks smarter than the Harrier with the introduction of ambient lighting and a supporting dark ash wood dash trim which is present in the oak wood finish on its donor sibling. The 2022 Safari gets the same 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment system that’s present on the Harrier and is a wide-screen variant of what we’ve seen in the Nexon and Altroz. The infotainment system does feel slightly responsive and comes with wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play support. The 8.8-inch touchscreen UI even needs an update, as it gets very confusing for people sitting in the car to toggle between tiny icons on the screen to figure out if they have been enabled or not. Apart from that, the new Safari even gets wireless phone charging and numerous USB charging ports all across the cabin to charges your smart devices across the aisle.

Apart from all that, you’ll even get to see iRA connected car tech and TPMS that’s available with the Tata Altroz iTurbo. This feature comes into play with amazing remote accessibility options such as basic geofencing security features, enabling or disabling the horn and lights remotely. Although, it does miss out on numerous remote accessibility features like engine start and stop or enabling climate control which is present in its other market rivals such as the Hyundai Alcazar, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Toureg, and many other non-competing sedans and hatchback cars. Moreover, we didn’t find anything much to complain about the tata safari 2022 interior images when we got to experience the new tata safari in real.

The 2022 Safari nails out its market rivals apart in terms of safety, comfort, and overall cabin appeal, as the car comes featured with top-notch cabin and safety equipment which includes the addition of an electronic parking brake, 6 airbags, hill-descent control, electronic stability control, ventilated seats for front & second-row passengers, a terrain response system, and an electronically adjustable driver’s seat. However, the electronic parking brake could have been offered with a small LED indicator to let the driver know whether it’s engaged or not. Though, you’ll get to see the same Aircraft-inspired handbrake design on the low-end variants of the new tata safari images. The rest of all, the JBL-branded music system remains untouched while offering great pleasure to the listener’s ears with decent bass. And if we talk about the panoramic sunroof, it is a brilliant feature that has never been seen on a safari. The panoramic sunroof significantly increases the airy appeal inside the cabin with easy-to-use individual rocker controls for shade, vent, and opening.

Moving towards the second row is where you’ll get to see a 3-seat bench as standard on the 7-seater variants of the new tata safari. However, on the top-of-the-line variants of the safari, tata gives you an option to opt for dual-captain seats with armrests, as a 6-seat configuration. No matter if you go with the 7-seat or 6-seat configuration, the SUV offers great under-thigh support and cushioning to the second-row passengers with more than enough legroom as well as headroom on both of the seat configurations. The second-row passengers can even adjust the position of the front passenger seat with the new “Boss Mode” for more legroom. As we’re are all well aware of the fact that tata safari is a 3-row SUV, passengers can now easily access the third row from the aisle between the two captain seats or fold and side-access the bench seat configuration to 60:40 split. Access to the third row comes in with impressive comfort and space to easily accommodate two average-sized adults. However, this comfort can be slightly painful for adults on long trips as the third row suits best for kids as there isn’t much under-thigh support offered on the third-row passenger seats. Apart from that, you’ll even get to see two cup holders, two USB ports, dedicated AC controls with air vents, and decent storage spaces. If we talk about the boot space of the new safari, it isn’t that great if the third row remains unfolded(73l), but once you fold them away the boot space significantly increases up to 447 liters.

Overall, there’s nothing much to complain about storage on the safari as there are many practical storage spaces offered inside the cabin, and you can also increase the boot space up to whopping 997 liters while flat-folding the second and third-row passenger seats on the 7-seater variants of the 2022 safari.

Disappointingly, the all-new Tata Safari comes equipped with the same Fiat Sourced 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine (Kryotec 170) which produces the same amount of power that we get to experience on the Harrier. The transmissions options remain to be the same Hyundai Sourced automatic torque converter and 6-speed manual gearbox. However, the 170hp motor fits quite well on tata safari 2022 mileage figures, as the tata safari 2022 mileage remains somewhat equivalent to the Harrier even after 75kgs of added weight. If we talk about the power delivery and performance from the 2.0-litre Kryotec 170 diesel engine, well the new Safari pulls exceptionally well and quick enough without many vibrations felt inside the cabin. The motor offers a huge amount of refinement from the engine and works remarkably well while being tuned with the Hyundai-sourced 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. The 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission offers slick gearshifts and is very responsive to operate as well. Though, with the 6-speed manual, power delivery comes with some effort from a heavy to operate clutch setup that feels sluggish to change gears. Also, you’ll notice the diesel growl from the engine at times when you start the vehicle, but things get smooth quite quickly once the engine warms up.

The new Safari even offers three drive modes, Eco, City, and Sport, that further enhance the overall driving experience to the front-wheel-drive safari. However, if you want to access the full potential from the engine, it works best in sport mode where you can access the highest 350 Nm torque output. Whereas the power remains limited to 320 Nm in the default City mode and 280 Nm in Eco which dulls the drivetrain’s responsiveness to an extent. The rest of all, the 2.0-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine provides more than enough power to the Safari without any hassle between 2000 to 3000rpm but does get vocal when someone pushes it above 3500rpm.

Overall the powertrain works amazingly on the front-wheel-drive Safari, but one thing which distracts the buyers looking for an SUV in this segment is the lack of a 4×4 or an all-wheel-drive powertrain option. Though Tata has promised to introduce an all-wheel-drive variant on the Safari if there’s sufficient demand.

Despite sharing the same monocoque chassis construction and powertrain, the new tata safari expresses a way more different handling characteristics than the Harrier. The SUV feels much more confident to drive on highways as well as off-road when we compare it with the Harrier’s ride quality. Though the ride and handling balance remains quite similar between both the siblings. There’s a wide band of power and torque available from the Fiat Sourced 2.0-litre diesel engine that offers great pull to the 1,800+ kg SUV from 1500rpm itself. The motor sounds very refine and effortless to drive even at higher rpm’s while being mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or a Hyundai-sourced 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. We personally liked the way Safari drives while being mated to Hyundai-sourced 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission, as the gearshifts were highly firm than that of the manual ones. Also, the automatic variants provide you an option to manually shift via gear lever, but this comes at a price of lesser tata safari 2022 mileage figures.

Apart from that, you’ll still notice some body roll while leaping it into corners, however, the re-tuned suspension setup takes care of it quite responsively. Tata has entirely retweaked the suspension setup borrowed from the Harrier, as the new Safari soaks in bumps and uneven roads very efficiently without compromising passenger comfort. Tata has tuned the Safari’s suspension at slightly softer parameters to deal with 75kgs of added weight and enhance low-speed bump absorption. All thanks to this softly tuned suspension setup, the new 2022 tata safari feels exceptionally light and rigid to handle on rough terrains. If we compare the new 2022 Safari with its previous generation, the Land Rover’s monocoque underpinnings are an excellent replacement to the old body-on-frame chassis. The new bold aerodynamics assists the Safari in sharp acceleration and maneuverability at high speeds. The SUV runs flat and confident at any terrain you dive the car in with a full load of passengers, which reveals the toughness of its JLR(Jaguar Land Rover) DNA.

Tata is now offering the Safari with disk brakes on all four tires replacing the rear drum brake setup of the Harrier with discs. With the help of disc brakes on all four tires, Safari sheds speed more effectively compared to the Harrier. Also, the new Safari offers the best-in-class bite point with a disc wiping feature as standard that resultantly brings such a heavy SUV to a stop within a few seconds. However, Tata could have improved the long-travel brake pedal which affects the bite point to an extent and fades the braking performance in panic braking situations. Another room for improvement includes a slightly heavy tuned steering setup and long-travel clutch, something which can get tiring to drive in heavy traffic. Apart from that, the ESC-based terrain modes ( Eco, City, Sport) offer plenty of driving dynamics, but with no AWD or 4×4 on offer, they aren’t of much use on an FWD powertrain.


♣ Voice Command
♣ iPod Compatibility
♣ Display Screen for Rear Passengers
♣ Panoramic Sunroof / Moonroof
♣ Wireless Charger
♣ AM/FM Radio
♣ Aux Compatibility
♣ USB Compatibility
♣ Bluetooth Compatibility
♣ Phone & Audio Streaming
♣ Steering mounted controls
♣ Horn Boss
♣ Steering Mounted Controls
♣ 6+ Speakers (Harman)
♣ Front Tweeters
♣ Front Speakers
♣ Rear Speakers
♣ Rear Tweeters
♣ Integrated (in-dash) Music System
♣ Smart Connectivity
♣ Android Auto (Wireless), Apple Car Play (Wireless)
♣ Instantaneous Fuel Consumption Indicator
♣ 8.8 Inch HD Touchscreen Infotainment System
♣ Digital Tachometer
♣ Shift & Gear Indicator
♣ Adjustable Cluster Brightness
♣ Door Ajar Warning
♣ Low Fuel Level Warning
♣ Digital Clock
♣ Distance to Empty
♣ Average Speed
♣ Average Fuel Consumption
♣ 2 Electronic Trip Meters
♣ Analogue/Digital Instrument Cluster
♣ Front, Second & Third Row Head-rests
♣ Front Seatback Pockets
♣ Split 50:50 Third Row Seat
♣ Split 60:40 Rear Seat
♣ Fully Foldable Rear Seat
♣ Rear Armrest With Cup Holder
♣ Ventilated Front & Middle Row Seats
♣ 3rd Row Bench Seats
♣ Optional Captain Seats for Rear Passenger
♣ Driver Armrest With Storage
♣ Leather-wrapped Gear Knob
♣ Leather-wrapped Steering Wheel
♣ Leather Seat Upholstery
♣ 2 Way Manually Adjustable Third Row Seats
♣ 4 Way Manually Adjustable Rear Row Seats
♣ 6 Way Manually Adjustable Front Passenger Seats
♣ 6 Way Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat
♣ Third Row Cup Holders
♣ Sunglass Holder
♣ Cooled Glove Box
♣ Chrome Interior Door Handles
♣ Cup Holders For Front, Second & Third
♣ 12V Power Outlets
♣ Tilt & Telescopic Steering Adjustment
♣ Keyless Start & Button Start
♣ Front & Rear Power Windows
♣ Headlight & Ignition On Reminder
♣ Theatre Dimming
♣ Cruise Control
♣ Rear Parking Sensors
♣ Reverse Parking Camera with Guidance
♣ Electronic Anti-glare Mirrors
♣ Cabin-Boot Access
♣ Vanity Mirrors on Sun Visors
♣ Separate Zone, Vents on Pillars, Common Fan Speed Controls
♣ Blower, Vents on Pillars
♣ Front, Rear & Third Row AC/Heater
♣ Single Zone, Common Fan Speed Control
♣ Automatic Dual Zone Climate Control


♣ Seat Belt Warning
♣ Child Seat Anchor Points
♣ Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
♣ 6 Airbags
♣ 5-Star Global NCAP Rating
♣ Overspeed Warning over 80kmph or 120kmph
♣ Hill Descent Control
♣ Traction Control System (TC/TCS)
♣ Hill Hold Control
♣ Brake Disc Wiping
♣ Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
♣ Corner Stability Control
♣ Brake Assist (BA)
♣ Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
♣ Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
♣ Child Safety Lock
♣ Electronic Brake Pre-fill
♣ Speed Sensing Door Lock
♣ Dynamic Wheel Torque by Brake
♣ Roll Over Mitigation
♣ Keyless Central Locking
♣ Engine Immobilizer


♣ Boot-lid Opener
♣ Electric Tailgate Release
♣ Rain-sensing Wipers
♣ Chrome Exterior Door Handles
♣ Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs)
♣ Rear Wiper
♣ Rear Defogger
♣ Turn Indicators on ORVM
♣ Electrically Adjustable & Retractable ORVM
♣ Scuff Plates
♣ Passive Cornering Headlights
♣ Lights on Vanity Mirrors
♣ Headlight Height Adjuster
♣ Front & Rear Cabin Lamps
♣ Roof Mounted Controls/Sunroof & Cabin Light Controls
♣ 3D LED Tail Lights
♣ Follow Me Home Headlamps
♣ Automatic Head Lamps
♣ Bi-Xenon Projector Headlights
♣ Halogen Fog Lights
♣ LED Daytime Running Lights
♣ Multi-Colour Ambient Interior Lighting
♣ Puddle Lamps
♣ Black/Grey Body Cladding
♣ Body-Coloured Bumpers
♣ Omega Arc Design
♣ Roof Mounted Antenna


♣ Remote Car Light Flashing & Honking Via App
♣ Remote Car Lock/Unlock Via App
♣ Over The Air (OTA) Updates
♣ Geo-Fence Technology
♣ Check Vehicle Status Via App
♣ Find My Car Via App
♣ Intelligently Designed Storage Spaces
♣ Fast Charging At Front And Rear
♣ Electrically Adjustable Driver Seat
♣ 4-Way Adjustable Co-Driver Seat
♣ FATC Control

Brakes & Tyres

Front Brakes: Disc (EBD), (ABS)

Rear Brakes: Drum, Disc (EBD), (ABS)

Front Tyre: 235/60 R18 Alloy, 235/70 R16 Steel

Rear Tyre: 235/60 R18 Alloy, 235/70 R16 Steel

Spare Wheel: 235/70 R16 Steel

Front Suspension: Independent, Lower Wishbone, McPherson Strut with Coil Spring & Anti Roll Bar

Rear Suspension: Semi Independent Twist Blade with Panhard Rod and Coil Spring

Engine Specifications

2.0 L Kryotec

Engine: 1956 cc, 4 Valve, DOHC, Turbocharged Diesel

Maximum Power: 168 bhp @ 3750 rpm

Maximum Torque: 350 Nm @ 1750 rpm

Gearbox: 6-speed Manual & Automatic (Torque Converter)

Cylinder: 4, Inline

Weight & Dimensions

Length: 4661 mm

Width: 1894 mm

Height: 1786 mm

Wheelbase: 2741 mm

Ground Clearance: 205 mm

Kerb Weight: 1852 kg

Seating Capacity: 6 & 7 Seater

Bootspace: 447 litres

Overall, the new generation Tata Safari is a great option to consider between the 15 to 20 Lakh price bracket. In terms of practicality, however, tata safari 2022 mileage figures and ride & handling balance, the new 2022 Safari performs far much better than its predecessors such as the Safari Storme and Safari Dicor. But unlike its predecessors, one thing which makes the new Tata Safari adventure persona more of a front-wheel-drive softroader rather than being a highly capable 4×4 offroader SUV, which wasn’t the case with the previous generation Safari’s. However, all thanks to the Jaguar Land Rover underpinnings, the lack of a 4×4 system may not remain to be permanent as Tata Motors has clearly stated that the Omega ARC Land Rover architecture is perfectly capable of accommodating a 4×4 system. In light of this fact, Tata Motors will surely introduce a 4×4 variant for the new Safari if there will be sufficient demand, and the market is willing to bear the price hike for so.

Apart from that, this new flagship SUV from Tata Motors has made the competition much tougher for its rivalries including the Mahindra XUV700, MG Hector & Hector Plus, Hyundai Creta, Hyundai Alcazar, Kia Seltos, and many other SUVs competing in this segment. Now with JLR(Jaguar Land Rover) DNA, the new tata safari images offer incredible road presence in real while justifying its Safari badge with the stepped-up roof and a head-turning design language. The vehicle is evidently more capable than the old generation Safari’s in terms of performance as well as ride and handling balance. The upgrade from a body-on-frame to a monocoque chassis has just changed the rules for the new Safari, as this Safari offers great stability while driving at high speeds, without much body roll or trembling felt inside the cabin. The car smoothly glides through the worst you throw it in. However, the interiors aren’t the best in the segment and remain to be somehow similar to that of the harrier’s cabin. But Tata has improved the overall built quality of its interiors to an extent with new upholstery color options as well as reduced panel gaps.

So Should You Buy One?

Well, this new flagship SUV from Tata Motors is an amazing package overall and the brand is now offering new attractive tata safari 2022 colors schemes. No matter if you’re a family guy who likes going on long road trips with family or a busy routine office guy, the new Safari fits in very well with almost every character. The car loves to be ridden on rough terrains and straight highways while delivering great confidence to the driver with staggering high stance visibility from the cabin. However, we would personally recommend you the automatic variants of the new Safari, as the automatic powertrain is very responsive and easy to maneuver even if you’re driving such a big SUV for the first time. The manual isn’t that bad either, but, doesn’t provide enough feedback that you get to experience with the automatic Safari.

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