Today’s SUV cars are much bigger, taller, heavier as well as better than hatchbacks, minivans, or any other sedans. Basically, SUVs are designed to handle rugged or mountainous terrain without any stretch. The reason for which seniors should consider SUV cars over any other option is that they tend to have better traction control and driving ease in almost every sort of road condition. As they have higher ground clearance, they typically offer easier entry and better road visibility too. Another big reason for SUVs are considered is that they provide a good amount of storage spaces along with a roomier cabin. Although, SUV cars are often not as good as sedans regarding fuel economy, and they’ll even cost you more to purchase as well as maintain. So, when you’re buying any vehicle, it highly important to think about practical factors such as reliability, fuel economy, and maintenance cost.


Yet older drivers often have many other issues to consider, such as mobility or dexterity challenges. Also, if you have any specific concerns regarding your health, it might be wise to consult an occupational therapist before making any decision to find out what particular features would be the best fit for your situation.


Here are some best suitable SUV Cars for seniors to consider:-


Honda Pilot

Best SUV Cars For Senior Citizens

A few groups accept that the Honda Pilot is the most agreeable SUV in its segment starting from $31,260 to $50,000. It offers an open lodge, all-around padded seats, movable armrests, and awesome ride quality. Its three columns of seats can fit up to eight grown-ups without any issues, and its cargo region offers a lot of extra room. Besides, all trims come stacked with the Honda Sensing bundle of driver-assistive innovations, which incorporates highlights like lane-keeping assist, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.


Honda CR-V

Best SUV Cars For Senior CitizensThe reason for which Honda CR-V pops up to be a strong decision for older drivers is its Wide door openings, an incredibly spacious cabin space, and one of the biggest cargo zones among its rivals. It likewise offers responsive handling with, better than expected road visibility, and good fuel economy. Indeed, the Honda CR-V is the best-rated 2020 SUV in the compact SUV segment for seniors the sits at a price tag between $25,400 to $34,000.


Hyundai Santa Fe

It’s no big surprise the 2020 form of this average-size SUV is a top security pick of the IIHS. Highlights such as adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alert, driver attention warning, and blind-spot warning come as standard. The Santa Fe is even outfitted with sensors that keep the back door from opening if another vehicle is coming up from behind. All of that comes at a very affordable price range that starts from just $25,400 to $39,810.


Hyundai Kona Electric

Best SUV Cars For Senior CitizensThe Kona Electric is a little SUV that can go an amazing 258 miles without re-energizing. It’s not difficult to get in and out of, it handles well, and its battery doesn’t hoard space in the payload hold. It additionally accompanies standard safety highlights like rear cross-traffic alert, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, and automatic emergency braking. The Hyundai Kona Electric price tag starts from just $37,390 to $45,750.


Kia Sorento

The Sorento highlights a low advance in tallness, far-reaching windows, nice visibility, and easy-to-understand controls. It has three columns of seats and can hold up to seven travellers, albeit the spring up the third line is most appropriate to youngsters (so don’t hesitate to bring the grandchildren along). Advanced safety features are available on higher trim levels starting from just $27,000 to $41,700.


Kia Soul

Best SUV Cars For Senior CitizensThis little SUV offers a lot of senior-accommodating highlights starting at just $17,800 to $27,900. The square-shaped-looking Soul has high seats, large windows, phenomenal road visibility, and simple to-utilize controls. Security highlights like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic emergency braking are accessible, yet are excluded from the base model.


Toyota Highlander

With the Highlander, you get a peaceful, smooth, agreeable ride. Visibility is astounding, and the doorways open right around an entire 90 degrees. The three columns of seats can oblige up to eight individuals, albeit the third line will just fit little children. Automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist are standard features. (For really noteworthy eco-friendliness, think about the hybrid variant, which begins at $38,200.


Subaru Forester

Best SUV Cars For Senior CitizensThe Subaru Forester is by far considered to be the best SUV for seniors in 2021. It highlights exceptional road visibility, straightforward controls, and a smooth ride costing between $24,200 to $34,750. All-wheel drive and a large number of safety highlights come as standard. Furthermore, with its extensive inside and spot-on seat stature, the Subaru Forester may likewise be the best SUV for seniors to accommodate themselves comfortably.