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We the people of AutoMowheelz Global Media are here to take care of your every advertising need with our revolutionary marketing and advertising solutions. With the AutoMowheelz brand network, you’ll get to experience the best of the industry’s ROI from your campaign promotions. For you as an advertiser, we offer a wide array of proactive custom-tailored advertising as well as marketing solutions that further assist you in maximizing your campaign reach and efficiency while fulfilling each specific campaign objective. We cover almost every particular marketing strategy involved in promoting your brand to suitable markets, including sponsored content, display advertising, native articles, and more.

Our Public Reputation (PR): Internationally Known Brand, Trustworthy, Responsive

AutoMowheelz.com is a globally trusted automobile media brand that holds a wide reach audience interested in the automobile, technology & engineering sectors, or automotive-related products. Our audiences include vehicle buyers and automotive enthusiasts from countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, India, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, South Africa, France, Spain, Switzerland, etc. AutoMowheelz Global Media network primarily focuses on producing pure automotive content related to electric cars, hypercars, trucks, supercars, performance coupe, SUVs, luxury sedan cars, motorcycles, etc. Along with that, we also provide worldwide automobile news highlights, vehicle reviews, buying guides, comparisons, prices, specifications, and a lot more interesting high-quality content consistently on our website and social media outlets in both video and readable format.

AutoMowheelz Global Media Network Response

Our marketing and advertising solutions are based on deep research & analysis done by our In-house professional experts to target your brand with global automobile enthusiasts or professionals who might turn out to be your potential customers. The key reason for you to consider advertising on AutoMowheelz.com network is our higher than average household user income, which might share an interest in products and services such as technology, computer/electronics, traveling, financial services, automobile, after-market parts, sporting goods, food/beverage, energy drinks, etc.

Our platforms serve in compliance with the IAB-standard advertising units and policies and offer vertical targeting of campaigns with our advertising platform (Doubleclick for Publishers). Our advertising partners can connect to the audience they want while being assured of authentic connectivity to the most influential automotive consumers around the globe.

An Overview of AutoMowheelz.com Network

Gender Parameters

Male Users: 73%
Female Users: 27%

Audience Age Parameters (%)

0-17 Years Old: 7%
18-38 Years Old: 41%
38-49 Years Old: 38%
50+ Year Old: 14%

Average User Age: 28-36 Years Old

Educational Parameters (%)

College Graduate or Higher: 33.7%
Attended College: 66.3%

Average Household Income Parameters (%)

Above $47,000: 31%
Above $72,000: 20%
Above $110,000: 49%

Average User Household Income: $86,000

Marketing & Advertising Opportunities With Our Max ROI Ads

We serve a dynamic range of IAB-standard and customized ad formats designed to drive value to your brand portfolio. The advertisements that will be visible to the users on our platforms include rich media and targeted (including geo-targeted) using DFP.

Universal Ads (IAB) Size

Leaderboards: 728×90
Medium Rectangles: 300×250
Wide Skyscrapers: 160×600

Rising Stars (IAB) Size

Super Leaderboards: 970×90
Half Page: 300×600
Billboard: 970×250

Expandable Ads (IAB) Size

Pushdown: 970×90 to 970×415

Video Ads Duration

Pre-roll: 15 seconds
Pre-roll: 30 seconds

Custom Display Size

Skins: 1500×900
Interstitials: 900×500

Other Dynamic Promotions: Flexible Advertisement Systems

Furthermore, in ROS-based campaigns, the AutoMowheelz.com network can ensure many special offers and options, volume discounts, and more customizable programs. Apart from that, we can assist you with wide parameters of editorial options customized for you and your marketing objectives. We can also create the content.

Additional Opportunities

  • Brand category sponsorship
  • Home pages takeover
  • Sponsored features
  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored contest
  • Exclusive partner program
  • Social media
  • Email newsletter sponsorship
  • And much more

AutoMowheelz Global Media network brings together a unified team of creators, producers, directors, strategists, editors, and mechanics creating content across multiple diversions of Automowheelz.com assets. We the people of AutoMowheelz Global Media Network, deliver automotive content using a dynamic content creation model designed to meet the ever-changing relationships between brands and their consumers.

In order to Advertise with AutoMowheelz Global Media network or to know more about our brand regarding rates, closing dates, and brand portfolio or to get our media kit, please get in touch with us via:-

Contact: [email protected]

As the leading authority in the automobile media industry, we empower our users through unparalleled expertise, information, and reviews. AutoMowheelz.com platform ensures a safe environment for a qualified audience of enthusiasts that we proudly serve.


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