A father and his son were recently arrested for running a fake Ferrari and Lamborghini factory in the southern state of Santa Catarina. The Raid was conducted due to a complaint registered on the behalf of  the two popular italian car manufactures, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

A team of specialized officers raided the fake Ferrari and Lamborghini factory on 15th of July, Monday and seized eight cars which were in the process of being assembled.

Seized Eight Cars Found In The Factory:-

  • 2 Ferrari’s
  • 6 Lamborghini’s
Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini Factory

These fake luxury automotives were ordered and being sold online by means of social media at a price tag between $40,000 – $68,000, which is somewhere around 35 to 47 lakhs approx in India. Whereas, the actual value of these genuine Automotives cost for approximately 3 to 4 Crores in India.

Though these fake Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s were looking as beautiful and astonishing as the genuine ones with fake Ferrari and Lamborghini logos embedded all around the cars, seats and accessories.

Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini
Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini

Apart from the interior and exterior design, these fake ferrari and lamborghini replicas were not enough powerful as the real ones. The engines utilized in the production of these cars were actually sourced from Mitsubishi Eclipse, an Alfa Romeo and a Chevrolet Omega.

According to our research, the two accused men have now been charged with industrial property crime, which carries a penalty of three years in jail.

Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini

Police says that the father and his son had been making the fake cars for around two years, but had previously worked in the car modification business for almost two decades (20 Years).

But for now, no arrests were made, but police said they would charge a 53-year-old man and his son, 29, who were not arrested, for intellectual property offences.

Fake Ferrari and Lamborghini

For people those who have already paid for these cars, no need to worry. The orders are being worked upon and soon would be delivered: according to the senior of the two accused.

“We did not close. We are working normally. There are cars being made for customers there and our commitment is to complete and deliver these cars,” said the senior of the two accused, clarifying that the company had been in activity for a long time.

He said the company created “artisanal cars” legitimately under a Brazilian guideline and that the examination would demonstrate that the vehicles seized did not “100%” match industrial designs and therefore would be indicated not to be copied.

Though the two accused are not named in reports but according to our research, they are identified as a 53-year old father and his 29-year old son.