With petrol prices constantly rising, fuel-efficient motorcycles have become more important than ever. Down below is a countdown of India’s top 10 highly fuel efficient motorcycles.

As we all are very well aware of the every day increasing Petrol prices in our cities, which is more or less the same in the entire nation. What if we tell you that there are highly fuel efficient motorcycles out there costing you less than ₹1/km? Yes, you heard that right. Today we are to present before you the highly fuel efficient motorcycles in India that cost a bit light to your pockets.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

TVS Sport

Engine: 99.77cc
Claimed Mileage: 93kmpl
Starting at Rs 39,963 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Other than a knock on the mileage, TVS has furnished the motorcycle with a couple of more highlights. It currently gets an electric start as standard, aluminium grab rails, a chrome muffler guard and a new instrument cluster. The Sport is controlled by TVS’ DuraLife Engine that diminishes the grinding in motor segments and gives improved fuel efficiency. TVS Motor Company asserts that this makes the TVS Sport “the highly fuel efficient motorcycles”. It’s additionally the only motorcycle in the 100cc class that features large 130mm drum brakes that encourage better braking.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

Hero Splendor i3s

Engine: 97.2cc
Claimed Mileage: 102.8kmpl
Starting at Rs 51,911 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

The i3s innovation present on the Hero Splendor i3s switches off the motor each time you bring the motorcycle to a stop and idle for more than a few seconds, and automatically restart it when you pull in the clutch once again. Turning off the engine during inactive circumstances makes an exceptionally efficient and productive engine one of the highly fuel efficient motorcycles in India.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

Suzuki Hayate EP

Engine: 113cc
Claimed Mileage: 78 kmpl
Starting at Rs 52,953 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Hayate EP gets a 110cc single-cylinder engine alongside Suzuki’s Eco Performance (SEP) innovation and makes 8.7hp of pinnacle power and 9.3Nm of pinnacle torque. As per Suzuki, the bike utilizes an ‘Excessively Sleek Piston’, high-ignition spark plug and low-friction cylinder and piston rings, which help in conveying improved ignition, a higher compression ratio, reduced friction and weight reduction. The Hayate EP likewise includes a more drawn out seat, a long wheelbase and a diamond frame chassis.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

Bajaj CT100

Engine: 99.2cc
Claimed Mileage: 99.5kpl
Starting at Rs 31,802 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Bajaj states it as the somewhat less premium kin to the Platina, however, gets practically comparable highlights, for example, the SNS back suspension. Be that as it may, the engine doesn’t get DTS-I technology and makes marginally lesser torque when compared with the Platina. Bajaj likewise propelled a variation considered the CT 100 B that highlights a round headlight rather than a front headlight cowl, which is over Rs 1,000 less expensive.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

Hero Splendor range

Engine: 97.2cc
Claimed Mileage: 93.6kpl
Starting at Rs 48,520 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

The 97.2cc sloper engine has remained generally unaltered, however as of late, with the presentation of the ‘Pro’ model, different inside bits were refined to give improved power and torque figures – which right now sit at 8.36hp and 8.05Nm, individually.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

Mahindra Centuro

Engine: 106.7cc
Claimed Mileage: 85.4kpl
Starting at Rs 48,130 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

Mahindra Centuro gets various segment-first highlights, for example, a flip-key and discover me lights which glimmer alongside sound signals at a press button on this key, to help find the motorcycle in a packed parking place. At that point, there are take-me-home lights which remain on to illuminate your way once you’ve stopped and locked your bike. What’s more, to finish it off, the Centuro gets a tachometer, alongside a digital instrument cluster. Mahindra additionally offers variations of Centuro which get a 240mm disc brake at the front for improved braking execution. The Centuro packs a 106.7cc, single-cylinder engine, which accompanies which comes with Mahindra’s patented lubrication system for improving fuel efficiency.

Highly Fuel Efficient Motorcycles

Yamaha Saluto RX

Engine: 110cc
Claimed Mileage: 85kpl
Starting at Rs 53,898 (ex-showroom, Delhi)

The Saluto RX is propelled as of late as a major aspect of Yamaha’s drive to make progress into the commuter bike section. Yamaha says that the objective market for the motorcycle is rural adolescents and that was a piece of the purpose behind bringing back the amazing RX name in an offer to have a superior brand review. The Saluto RX’s 110cc engine depends on that of its bigger capacity sibling, the Saluto 125, and furthermore gets some mileage improving highlights, for example, the counterbalance cylinder with the engine producing 7.5hp of pinnacle power and 8.5Nm of torque. However, a kerb weight of simply 98kg should make for an energetic ride.